Know the Way is to Know Oneself

Know the way is to know oneself, to know oneself is forget about oneself. Forget about oneself is to be free of the prison of the ego. 解脫 Master zen Dogen.

Often we listen to the master of classical martial arts (古武術) say, “you have to forget yourself in the current (流) of the master and the art ”

The term “Gedatsu” (解脫) can help us to understand this, the japanese word gedatsu meaning salvation (that is being liberated from earthly desires and the woes of humankind) is composed for the kanji 解  “Ge” meaning “absolve”, “understanding”, “solve”, and the kanji  脫 “datsu” meaning “escape”, “get rid of”, while other translations include the meaning of spiritual awakening.

To come untied of the ties and to have freedom. The ties can be physical or spiritual. (Moksha)

Ishizuka Tetsuji sensei
Ishizuka Tetsuji sensei

One disciple ask to the master.

“where is the art?”

The master answer,

Still, I do not manage to understand it/
Go out”

Adaptability on oneself, patience on oneself, flexibility on oneself are the keys to forgetting oneself, and let the art occupy the beat of the heart.

The heart of the water (流) is the heart of the glass (oneself)


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