Ganseki Nage

“When you get up here, if you have had the fortune and the perseverance of coming unto the apparent end, you must learn to begin from zero and to have the value to return to come unto the end again ”

More or less it is what was saying the letter of my father.

In that moment my immaturity preventing myself from understanding , why? If I had managed to come to the ultimately (奥伝 – Okuden ), I had to return to the initially again (初伝 – Shoden ).

kacem zoughari ganseki nage
Kacem Zoughari performing Ganseki Nage on David Esteban Guzman

Within Torite Kihon Gata (捕手基本型) the technique “ganseki nage” (巌石投) is considered the okuden level, understanding that okuden is shoden and shoden is okuden.

Now I understand a little more the words of the masters of the classical martial arts (古武術) “always prepared for the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning”

Lack of money, loneliness, injury, illness, heartbreak, death of friends or family, friends who left and will not return, ego, etc ……

we must continue to practice and go through these stages of life with a good pace (拍子) in the heart (心), this is the art of the life of the martial artist; create an artistic life.

I am back at the beginning and I come again to the end, deepening in the sanshin (Three hearts; 三心), within zanshin (Remaining mind; 残心) understood as a state of alert relaxation in the life and within in the shoshin (Beginner’s mind; 初心), where always I want to learn from the wonderful look of curiosity of children.

Sincerely the tsuki ( abilty to cross a situation or to cross onesefl) of one humble practicioner


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