Seigan no Kurai 正眼の位

Seigan – 正 眼

kacem zoughari bojutsu seigan 001
Kace Zoughari demonstrates Seigan no kamae (正眼之構) with a six foot staff.

By David Esteban Guzman

In this posture the body must be completely in profile and hidden behind the weapon or the hand,half body and half weapon can not be seen, be without be.

The first ideogram, “sei” “正”, which has the reading of “tadashii“, means “correct”, “just”, “right”. The second ideogram, “gan“ “眼”, “the eye”.

“The eye right” in the direction for penetrating and perceive the weakness of the enemy, and the eye right to perceive our weakness in our kamae “構” and in our “seigan no kurai” “正眼位” incorporal attitude.

聖剣 – Is important use this “Sei” like a “Sei” “聖” sacred or saint, the sacred sword, the sacred sword for cut the bad ego in our hearts, because the real battles always are fought within us.

Note : “seirei”「聖霊」


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