Discipline of the Disciple

The art of being a DIS – CIPLE, is the art of learn the DIS – CIPLINE of being your own DIS – CIPLE . when the “Shishō” (師匠) or master observes (metsuke; 目着) a reflection of his current or ryû (流) in the DIS – CIPLE, the master begins to DIS – CIPLINE the DIS – CIPLE in the art of being a DIS – CIPLE of the master, of the art and of himself.The ART calls to the ART.

Note – “metsuke” (目着 or 目付). In my humble experience of practice I will define and interpret, for the ability to observe the physical and psychic conditions of the armed opponent from a look of anticipation. An ability to observe from a “formless form that allows you to see without being seen”, an observation that allows to collect information and destroy the opponent’s center, even before the opponent makes his first movement. (for example, the vital importance of controlling the center line in the transmission of the master in different concepts in the “ryû” like “Shinmyo-ken“ (神妙剣), “Naka-zumi” (中墨)“, “Seichû-sen”(正中線)).

The 14th sôke of Hontai Yōshin-ryū (本體楊心流), Ishiya Takeo, left two famous “kuden” (口伝) that connect with the term of “metsuke”:[dt_sc_pullquote type=”pullquote6″ icon=”yes” align=”left” cite=”Ishiya Takeo”]”1 eyes,

2 speed,

3 courage,

4 power”


“Soft on the surface, strong inside.”[/dt_sc_pullquote]

(the interpretation of the word speed, is very different from that gives in the sports circles, in the “kobujutsu” the speed is the elimination of everything unnecessary, whether physical or mental, ergonomics of movement and intention).

However the master may also apply their ability to observe, for detecting who may be ready to receive the transmission of the art.

David Esteban Guzmán


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