The transmission of the Flower through the Form

When the pupil is ready, so appears the master.

The saying “when the master is ready, so appears the master” does not serve us to deepen our practice in the classical martial arts, instead, “the disciple and the master are always chosen mutually, it is a relationship of constant testing”.

When the master is prepared, he chooses the student who is also willing, both master and disciple are always moving and evolving, like life, everything changes nothing stays the same.

The master transmits a part of the teaching and allows the disciple investigate and deepen in solitude (yet never alone), the 90% of the work is of the disciple. It may take days, months or even years until the master decides to transmit again, or until that the circumstances of the life allow that the pupil and the master to meet again.

If during this period of separation the disciple is not able to keep alive the image of his master in his heart, he will lose the contact with the original source and the door of the art; the image of the master.

The master shall transmit, giving to the disciple and then leaving him alone, if the disciple is able to create something with what has been transmitted, maybe, and only maybe will he receive transmission again.

Takamatsu Toshitsugu demonstrating how to catch a sword wit ha Jutte.
Takamatsu Toshitsugu demonstrating how to catch a sword wit ha Jutte.

It will not be shown, or taught, but instead transmitted.

The master is like a white horse which passes in gallop, are you or are you not ready to climb to the challenge?

“An insect caught the tail of the horse.”

The master will always test the disciple, the disciple will always test the master, this will create a link of practice that is honest and sincere, not based on passing feelings and ephemeral emotions, but created on the basis of the honor of his artistic relationship.

The master and the disciple are required to connect with the original art source, since there is always a master and an apprentice, an apprentice and a master.
It is necessary to learn to cultivate and deepen into the art when the teacher gives you his back, perhaps he is putting to test your heart and your ability to persevere in the art.

When life’s problems show you their most bitter taste, perhaps life is putting you to the test, and testing the determination of your heart to make your dreams a reality, your faith and determination is being put to test.

Keep on practicing…

Something very simple but at the same time very complex and deep…

Keep on practicing…

Keep walking…

All the answers lie in the depths of the practice, to practice deeper in the understanding of the mysteries of the art, heart and life… to the end a master is one who has overcome the apparent obstacles that life invites him to experience, from the first inspiration to the last breath of life, a master of any art is primarily a master of the way of life and therefore of human relationships.

The real secret is to live without knowing all the answers, learn to live in the balanced imbalance of continual walking…

Keep on practicing…

Something very simple but at the same time very complex and deep…

Keep walking…

All that you have in your heart, forget it; and all that you have in your hands, give it.

keep on practicing, the best is yet to come – one step beyond your steps!

Most sincerely

Note: The phrase of the photo is from the author “Zeami” of his work the “Fūshikaden” (風姿 花 伝), literally “The transmission of the Flower through the Form”, colloquially known as the “Kadensho” (花 伝 書) “The Book of the transmission of the Flower”.

Phrase of the photo “If this hidden the flower keeps all its splendor, on the other hand, if this is revealed, it loses all its splendor”


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