Coping instead of Techniques

Our educational model is based on the student as subjects with the ability to intuitively and independently review, assess and improvise when it really matters.
Our model contains no techniques. We use the “coping” instead.

Coping is a psychological term that describes a person’s ability to handle stressful and emotionally demanding situations. The purpose of our method for managing acute emergencies are, among other things, to build coping strategies.

The critical factor in an emergency is the time, which sometimes does not make any difference, and sometimes it is crucial.
It is customary to speak of two models, the planned action model, where mentally preparing before you get to the situation, and prepare a solution.

The second model is, “the split-second syndrome” which assumes that situations occur within a fraction of a second and requires immediate limbic solutions through the motor program that is etched in our DNA.haramitsu 001

The first model is the basis for passive coping; tonsojutsu (science of escape; 遁走術).

The second model is the basis for active coping; kihon happo no Juppo sessho no Jutsu (science of negotiation in ten directions o the eight fundamental principles; 基本八法十方折衝之術).


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