Hyori 表裏

Every phenomenon in the universe has a single hidden expression while on the outside apparently without effect. Japanese call the first of this ri or ura (Inside; 裏) and the other hyo or Omote (Outside; 表).
Nature’s order consists of both of these aspects and are coordinated in a perfect harmony, inseparable the conceptual stage.

The inner and outer layer of a water drop, or front and back of a sheet of paper, can not be separated from each other; each side is one aspect of the other.
Neither is the aspect of  ura or Omote more real than the other; both just is, immediately and forever.
The term “Hyori Ittai” (表裏一体) we describe this, it can be translated as “The outside (omote) and inside (ura) is one.”

Only in the human sphere can relations between omote and ura be disturbed. Omote separated from its absolute ura, such as when kind words (omote) used to disguise evil intentions (ura).

Outside and inside as one” is an important part in combat arts.

Combat art as we practice it in Togakure-ryu consists of eight specific battle disciplines:

  1. Taijutsu Hichojutsu – Nawa Nage (体術飛鳥術ー縄投)
  2. Koppojutsu Jutaijutsu (骨法術ー柔体術)
  3. Sojutsu – Naginatajutsu (槍術ー薙刀術)
  4. Bojutsu – Jojutsu – Hanbojutsu (棒術―杖術ー半棒術)
  5. Senban Nagejutsu (旋盤投術)
  6. Kajutsu – Suijutsu (火術ー水術)
  7. Chikujo Gunryaku Heiho (築城軍略兵法)
  8. Onshinjutsu (怨親術)

The first four are the expression of combat art Omote side, while the last four are the ura side.
Meanwhile, all eight intertwined and exist only as components of a whole.

Each component consists of the others, and each component is included simultaneously in all the other components. All components use the same Kihon Happo principles of posture-displacement-movement, separated only by the specific physical form as each component has.
No part can stand for itself.

Our martial art is so much more than a collection of simple tricks and techniques!


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