Ryuha 流派

Old Trees

A martial art tradition (ryuha; 流派) can be like a big old tree, you can ask ask of it yourself and feel safe.
By creating routines for techniques to be performed, with documented grading rules, reducing chaos and increasing structure, life in the dojo becomes safer. But by standing under the big safe tree, you will never get anywhere in life. In order to evolve, we must dare to give up our ingrained routines and preconceived opinions and expose us to the surroundings, nature and the universe’s influences with an open mind.

If you are considering a ryuha as a means of transport, you will be able to travel far and maybe even get closer to your own personal potential.

Ryuha can be written in two ways in Japanese:

  • 留派 – stationary place
  • 流派 – creative place

You need to choose where you want to be!

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