Kajutsu 火術

From Bansenshukai regarding fire tools


Hiki I – fire tools section one

The use of fire tools are generally considered to be one of the most basic principles of ninjutsu and is of utmost importance in art. The primary principle of this skill is that, no matter how strong a fortress or how well a position is fortified, there are effective techniques to set it ablaze (kajutsu; 火術), and burn it down to ashes.

Secondly, whether it be in the day or at night, you can send signals to your allies. Thirdly, there are torches or fires that can not be extinguished by wind or rain to help you and your allies in the most difficult situations. Therefore, those who study this, are to train and prepare so they are ready when the need arises.

Apparently, in these times, the Shinobi no mono are said to have mastered ninjutsu with 53 Hiki recipes. However, because they do not know its basic essence, but only learn the technique and use only the superficial details, it is regrettable that this art is misunderstood.

Gokui for our school learn to master the deepest truth of the principles, both in (yin; 陰) and yo (Yang; 陽), allowing you to infiltrate an enemy stronghold with ease so that you can annihilate the enemy in an instant.

Sun Tzu said:

Attacks with fire is poor tactics. But if all else fails, it may be used. Because of this, these sections placed last in this book.

IN 陰

Unohana Tsukiyo hō  (Method of the Spring Moonlit Night; 卯花月夜方)*

  • Pine wood containing a high quantity of resin – 20 Momme **
  • Powdered green tea – 2 Momme
  • Mouse droppings – 6 [momme]
  • Saltpeter – 100 [momme]
  • Sulphur – 40 [momme]
  • Camphor – 9 Momme 5 bu
  • Moxa (Mugwort) – 12 Momme
  • Hwmp ash – 10 Momme
  • Pine resin – 6 Momme

Make powder of the above and mix with hempseed oil and put the mixture into a bamboo cylinder. Shave the outside of the cylinder very thin and wrap [with paper] it and ‘tea glue’ and ignite with tinder.


* Literally, ‘month of the deutzia flower’, or the ‘fourth lunar month’.

** 1 Momme = 3.75 g


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