Banpen Fugyo 万変不驚

According to Shoto Tanemura, the founder of the Genbukan, an individual that contributed to the development of Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu named Tozawa Hakuunsai (Tozawa Kaneuji) wrote the concept Banpen Fugyo (万変不驚). This is generally been translated as “to not be perturbed even in 10,000 changes.” the question is of course, how does one do this?

I had committed some effort to this some years ago, and built a sort of system of paradoxes to train the brain to not be surprised. A few years later, I thought it would be interesting to find the corresponding ideas and paradoxes. Note that none of them are Japanese in origin, but simply my attempt at creating a method to achieve Banpen Fugyo. I have also elaborated on this concept much further HERE).

Here’s an exercise in circular thinking that may promote flexible thinking built off of a series of paradoxes; not for those that hate paradox models. Three little laws that can apply to anything:

  1. Everything changes
  2. There’s an exception to everything
  3. Everything comes in threes

Before you start shaking your head: Yes each of these laws applies to one another.

  • There is an exception to the law of change.
  • These three laws will change, there may be four, or perhaps only two.
  • The exception to this can change, possibly as an exception to the exception.

So naturally, it can’t stay at three laws, it needs to change to make an exception. So now we have a fourth law: The opposite is also true.

4.  The opposite is also true

This “fourth” law serves as the exception to the “three laws” and is evidence to where it had changed.

It is because of the inherent subjectivity of all things that we perceive through the lens of our own paradigm that there is always a counter perspective to what we believe to be reality or truth. Therefore, regardless of the statement, “the opposite is also true.”

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