Full Presence – Sanmaya

Sanmaya (Samādhi in Sanskrit, 三昧部) is a concept that exists in the lyrics of Goshinpō (also sometimes written as Goshinjutsu; 護身法/護身術), which in direct translation means an approach to “self-protection”.

Old text on goshinpo / goshinjutsu

Originally, Goshinpō was nothing physically self-defined, and was more concerned about protecting oneself against evil in general and demons in particular. It was a concept in mikkyō and later incorporated also in Shugendō.
In order to be able to protect oneself, he must be fully present in reality and this is where there is the connection to our taijutsu.

Actual studies of budō Taijutsu can begin only after understanding. Anyone who wants to reach a goal needs to analyze what is needed to reach the target and how the training will be a tool to get there. There are no shortcuts to the results.

To reach the maximum power of taijutsu, training and complete mental presence in every movement and breath is required. To participate only superficially with the eyes is not enough. As a wise friend once said; “It is not enough to look, you have to see also.”
The training is not just about following a densho with exercises but also to understand why you do what you do and how it should feel.

During training, we will gradually and with control proceed into the necessary prerequisites (Kihon; 基本) which we need to master in order to better cope with challenging situations in reality.

This requires courage. One must be brave enough to drop all preconceived opinions and past ingrained patterns of movement, to start from scratch as if one were a newborn child.


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