Bujin Shoku to Seikatsu

Martial arts diet and lifestyle (武人食と生活)

Brought to you By Trevor Howarth Robinson of Bujinkan Tesshin ryū Dojo

The reason martial arts are usually long lived and healthy, is that they strictly maintain the attitude of leading the life of the martial artist. Master Takamatsu had this self control during his entire life. He used to get up at dawn, rub his body with cold water, and drink a glass of water with a pinch of salt in it. It is believed that the salt dissolved in the water helped to increase his.Ki. Then, he would take a walk with his dog for an hour. He regularly ate three meals, which consisted of a Soya bean curd (Tofu), sesame seeds, vegetables, and buckwheat flour. He would also eat a lot of a certain kind of tiny fish that are common in Japan. His hobby was painting, and he would save his mornings for this. He would also never become upset, no matter what other people would say to him. As soon as the sun set, he would go to bed. He kept this wholesome schedule well into his 80’s.

My schedule looks like this: when I wake, I massage my body with cold water (I use a towel dipped in cold water), drink a glass of salty water, and take a walk with my dog. I usually do not eat breakfast, some followers of the way, believe that skipping breakfast is more effective than any other exercise. At lunch II eat a bowl of vegetable salad (a tossed salad). But I do not take any dish seasoned with or made with any salt. And all of the food should be uncooked food. Master Takamatsu used to say that, since men started eating cooked food, they have lost the ‘power of Nature’. The basic lifestyle of Budo comprises of exercise and Calisthenics for thirty minutes before going to bed, eating raw foods (salads and vegetables etc.), training the body, worshipping Buddha and the gods, fearing of nothing, and leading a fruitful, cheerful life.

One thing He (Master Takamatsu) stresses to me was to never get angry. Anger breaks the balance of the mind and concentration. It is the most dangerous condition for the martial artist. Never get angry.

From the 1983 book Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu By Soke Hatsumi.
Bujin Shoku to Seikatsu


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