Australia 2015 – Kukishinden-ryu Dakentaijutsu

The theme of the seminar: Kukishinden-ryū Dakentaijutsu (九鬼神伝流打拳體術), Bōjutsu (棒術) Kenjutsu (剣術).

The theme of this seminar is to study the way, forms, strikes and foot works of the Kukishindenryū from the primary techniques of the first level: Seion (生音), Yume-otoshi (夢落), and Suiyoku (水翼). The focus here, as usual, is to stick cleverly to the densho’s description and understand the flow and the biomechanics of each waza in order to measure the nature of the dakentaijutsu used in close range within armor.

Buki waza (武器技): in this seminar the weapon presented are the bōjutsu from Kukushinden-ryū, mainly the part from the densho call Bōjutsu Kihon gata which deals with the following techniques: jōdan ukemi (上段受身), ashi-barai (足払), shihō bōfuri-gata (四方棒振型) and men uchi gata (面撃型). The focus here is first how to use the right and correct kamae, then the right angle for jōdan ukemi, finally the right order for men uchigata.

The kenjutsu techniques are mainly the basic from the Gyokko-ryū Tōhō (玉虎流刀法) the focus on the main ukemi call jōdan uke tome (上段受止). L’île lax aussi in the practice of the weapon, the way to hold, tori-kata (捕り型) and nigiri-kata (握り型) is important.

If you would like to see more, visite OnmitsuKage HERE.


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