LA 2010 Shinden Fudo-ryu Dakentaijutsu and Bojutsu

In the martial arts, when you are looking for knowledge, you have to know the meaning of. What there is behind the knowledge, …

For me I have seen, there is three scrolls, well, this is densho; three densho and three makimono, I have only a copy of this, I have seen the three, they are pretty much interesting. Some deals more about history, how Takamatsu sensei met Toda Sensei, some have been written by Takamatsu sensei, some have part of different sōke, some deals about weapons, some deals about genealogy.

This one, Shinden Fudō-ryū, and the two kanji here is Shiron (史論). This kanji (史) is very famous in japan, if you study history, it means history. Ron (論) means theory. So we can translate like “all the theory that the master had followed that talks about the history of Shinden Fudō-ryū”. So I will give you a little bit of the element, I will not get too much on the histories, that’s not the point.

This is the small history (holding up about four double sided pages), they say that, it’s really interesting, they never said… In order that Shinden Fudō-ryū is, one day some people create Shinden Fudō-ryū, you need a lot of time. It’s not only one man, “today I’m good, I’m going to create Shinden Fudō-ryū. Hey student, what do you think about that?”  It’s not like that, you need to wait a long time, many wars, many people die in order that human knowledge of using different types of weapon together in the one hand of a man could put all together. But it’s not enough. It’s mainly to have met someone to have the capacity to understand and to develop that. It’s like a family, and it starts like this.

So, here it is said that the school was not called Shinden Fudō-ryū, but Shinden Munen-ryū (神傳無念流), completely different than scroll, and the main technique of this was using spear/yari, iai, the very long sword with a large blade, the nakatachi (middle-long sword; 中太刀), a very long sword, and taijutsu.

To see more, visit Onmitsu Kage for the seminar footage and write-up!

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