Sensudori – Background


Techniques with short batons (Tanbo 短棒 ) and metal fans (Tessen 鉄扇) as it is called in Kukishin ryu  dakentaijutsu densho for Sensu Dori (control with a fan), and is included in our techniques with short sticks such as Tessen, Tanbo , naeshi , Jutte, hachiwari and many other handheld short reinforcing weapons.

The idea of these weapons is to hit hard against the body’s weak points (Kyusho) to soften the enemy before you unlock him. Because the opponent was usually armed with swords, most techniques were designed for those situations where it would prevent him from drawing his sword. It struck suddenly against tsuka-te (the hand that pulls the sword), the elbow or the back of the neck with a paralyzing stroke.

When hitting the kyusho one can use both the end and middle part of the tessen. Some Tessen could even have sharpened ends to penetrate deeper. One can keep the arms in Jun mochi or gyaku mochi , i.e. the cross section is closest to the thumb (Jun 洵) or closest to the little finger, the so-called reverse grip (gyaku 逆).

One may use these weapons for both uchi waza (striking techniques 打技), kansetsu waza (joint locks 関節技) or shime waza (choking 締技), but could also be used as metsubushi (blinding 目つぶし) with a special throwing technique.


Translated by Luke​ Crocker from HERE.


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