In the video sôke Masaaki Hatsumi,explain the first movement of the waza Nichigeki (日撃) of Shinden Fudo Ryû ( 神傳不動流 ).

I think that is important observe in the movement of the sôke:

  • The Koshi otoshi (腰 落) that can interpret like sink the hip.
  • The flexibility and coordination with the movement of his back – senaka (背中) and his knees – hiza (膝).
  • The Elimination of the muscular tension to realize the movement and the technique, chikara wo nuku (力を抜).
  • “Keranai” (蹴ら ない) or what could be interpreted as no give impulses on the floor with the legs to start the movement of the techniques.
  • Not using of spins hip movement in the technique. The classic masters mention this during the practice as “nejiranai” which is the negative form of the verb “nejiru ” (捻る) that means to turn.

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