Atogaki あとがき

This is the last chapter in the book Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, called Atogaki, which means “Afterword”, in free translation…

Akimoto, Takamatsu and Hatsumi

“After three years of shooting, I was finally able to publish this book. Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu, which is a general name given to all taijutsu in the nine schools and also called Bujinkan Dojo taijutsu.
Although I mentioned it in several places in the book, so I repeat it again, real taijutsu, called shinken gata, is not a sport to be practiced on mats. Hence, because the danger is great, so is training only with beginners is prohibited. I want students to enter into the Bujinkan Dojo, and study under the guidance of Shidoshi. Abuse of knowledge in the form of violence is forbidden.
Budo is a man of high level and require development of heart – Joshin Waraku – pure heart full of peace.

I became a student of Takamatsu Sensei, then enveloped in his great love, but had to pay with bloodshed. It was a meeting of a true warrior tradition. You could say that this book is the fruit of that period. Through this book sensei lives again. By compiling everything in a book like this, my feeling for him becomes in-depth. Being able to recreate sensei’s innermost techniques, even if it is only one ten-thousandth, makes me happy.

Let me tell you about an episode from our meetings. A successor to one of the nine schools, Gikan-ryu kosshi koppojutsu, Akimoto Shihan who was my senior and I am grateful to. Sometimes when I went to Takamatsu sensei to train could Akimoto senpai come and meet me. It was noticeable in the air that he was happy to see me, he said “young master, you have come, Sensei have expected,” and he led me to the second floor where sensei was. He could start a long conversation with me and never stop talking. At such time Takamatsu sensei sparked some tobacco. “Hey Akimoto, ashtray”. Yes, he replied, and held out their hands in a bowl, which Takamatsu sensei released the glowing tobacco into. When he screamed it would stop our conversation for a moment. It was good times.

Akimoto senpai was a master of Iai. I have known Akimoto’s skill only a few centimeters from me. At a river, he cut down a swallow with his sword. The type of training he devoted himself to. I heard from Takamatsu sensei that he became ill and passed away. With sadness in his voice he said, “I was years long before him, I wish it were me who had passed away instead.

This book has come about with the help of many Buyu. I am deeply grateful them.

February 1983
Masaaki Hatsumi


Translated by Luke Crocker from HERE.


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