My Experience of Toate Fudo Kanashibari no Jutsu


by Someya Kenichi

(This article originally appeared in the Bujinkan Sanmyaku Densho in 1996)

How many years ago was it? It happened on an evening as hot as this year’s summer. Shiraishi-san and I were called to the dojo by Soke. We had some time in hand, so Soke decided to grant us some training and for a few minutes we practiced responding with Sabaki (body movement) and shuto strikes to an enemy who hurls himself at you, thrusting with a tanto (knife) held at his right hip. I was called up to do the next technique, and Soke told me “Stab at me with all your might from the Kamae you were just in.” For an instant I thought “Perhaps I’ll be made to fly through the air with the momentum of my thrust”, and internally I pictured how I would take the following ukemi. I was around thirty then, my body moved quite adequately and…

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