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About Luke CrockerLuke Crocker

Luke Crocker is an independent researcher of the pre-modern Japanese martial arts. He has been practicing martial arts since 1992, meeting many pioneers in the field of research towards the understanding of physical conflict. In 2008, he had begun academic research pursuits on the topic of pre-modern Japanese martial arts, warfare, and all things pertaining to physical conflict before, during, and after the sengoku jidai (warring states period, and civil conflicts).

He currently runs the Barrie Classical Martial Arts Research Academy (CMARA) and is a representative of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (IMAS).

Luke is in the midst of researching the depths of classical Japanese sword drawing (居合の刀) through practice based research.

If you would like to employ Luke for research, writing, or training, he can be contacted at his email here.


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