Here is a collection of phraseology of Japanese and Research terms and phrases that I have come across and worked on myself. These are working and flexible definitions and are likely how I will use such terms in my publications. Understandably, most who deal with language studies operate predominantly with up to date dictionaries and conventional connotation, however, when dealing with ancient writings, different people will have different ideas as to how a term could, or should, be understood, deciphered, and implemented. It is because of this situation that this page has come to be constructed. In numerous instances I have come across kanji that the modern dictionary term simply does not suffice either in context or in usage. Thus I have provided collection of working definitions as related to this field of research.

For those who may be concerned with such an implementation, I have provided a definition of “working definition” below.

  1. A definition that is chosen for an occasion and may not fully conform with established or authoritative definitions. Not knowing of established definitions would be grounds for selecting or devising a working definition.
  2. A definition being developed; a tentative definition that can be tailored to create an authoritative definition.

Some phrases that we have developed working definitions for are as follows:

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