Ichimonji 一文字

Video transcribed by Luke Crocker

Always ichimonji no kamae (一文字之構). Always, always, always. It needs to become your nature, not second nature. Human nature, you only have a second. Ichimonji, not second-monji, it’s Ichimonji. Not ni-monji (二文字), san-monji (三文字), yon-monji (四文字), its ichi. Inside he has jūmonji (十文字), and Hichō (飛鳥), so he is “one”.

It’s going to be a lot of work for us. In Ichimonji no kamae, you need to have it [all] at the same time – lock and strike with one step. It’s not like “I lock, I step, and I strike.” Because if he does one step and he punch for example, one step one strike. I need to respond to that in the same way. If I respond with four or five steps, that’s not effective. And if you practice all your life, four or five steps against one step, what is going to happen? You are going to have to use speed. The speed, the force means frustration, and means tension.


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